6 Best Features of Motorcycle Boots

Driving a motorcycle is a thrilling pastime, loved by many. As such, it is incredibly important that bikers recognize how important proper equipment is to their safety. Not only is it important to have a good helmet to protect the biker’s head in accidents, but protective gear can be worn to protect the rest of the body as well, even the feet!

While other boots may do the trick in a pinch, there are many reasons why having proper motorcycle boots is ideal versus alternative forms of footwear.

1. They stand the test of time

As motorcycle boots are designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by motorcycling, they will last longer than any other kind of boot. Motorcycle boots will withstand the harshness of concrete or asphalt on the shoe, as well as anything that may hit it while in motion. As they are constantly exposed to damaging elements, they have to be heavy duty. Many riders boast boots that last more than 10 or even 20 years, which is not a feature motorcyclists will get from other footwear.

2. They won’t slip

Grip is another incredibly important feature for motorcyclists. Having a foot slip off the foot hold, or slipping while stopped can be extremely dangerous for the rider. As well, if the motorcycle should lose control for any reason, a biker’s only defense is a foot, so grip is key. Motorcycle boots are designed with this in mind and will have only the highest quality grip material for the safety of the rider.

3. They cover more

When on a motorcycle, the rider’s entire body is vulnerable to its surroundings. Motorcycle boots cover the feet and the ankles, ensuring that both are safe from any damage during a ride. It’s important for a biker’s entire body to be covered when riding, especially at high speeds.

In the case of an accident, any exposed flesh could be completely scraped off if it meets the asphalt. This is why simply having a garment that can cover the maximum amount of skin is extremely valuable. Thinner materials, in the event of an accident, can actually become torn from the road and fibers from the fabric can become embedded in the skin. Motorcycle boots are made from durable material that won’t allow for that to happen.

4. They provide support

Riders use their feet to keep themselves up when stopped, so having solid support of the foot and ankle is important to be able to manage not only their own weight, but also that of bike.

In addition, many riders would probably be surprised to know that most of their shoes and boots will fly right off in the event of an accident and will allow their feet and ankles to become badly twisted, broken, or worse. Motorcycle boots physically protect the foot from severe twisting due to their rigid shape, and will help protect it from breaks in an accident.

5. They keep the elements out

Bikers get the worst of any weather. While many riders may try to avoid going out in bad weather, sometimes it may be unavoidable. Good motorcycle boots can withstand the elements, and they will protect the rider’s feet from any extreme conditions.

Some boots are tailored for more specific weather, like extreme heat, rain, or cold.

6. They’re still stylish

The best part is that motorcycle boots still come in a ton of different styles and colours, so there is definitely something for anyone. There are countless styles, and even high-heeled boots for women. This means there is absolutely no reason for a motorcycle rider to use alternative footwear when riding.