5 Features of a Dedicated Server for Your Office

In today’s corporate world every business needs a functional website in order to thrive. The type of web hosting chosen is therefore critical to ensure efficient functioning of these sites. Businesses both large and small are faced with a plethora of options when it comes to hosting their websites, mail server or even web application.

One common type of web hosting is dedicated hosting. A dedicated server involves renting a physical server from a dedicated web hosting service provider exclusively for running your applications. The service provider gives you the central processing unit (CPU), disc space, and the random access memory (RAM) that you need.

Below are reasons to consider a dedicated server for your office:

1. Enhanced security

Dedicated servers allow for enhanced security because only you and your hosting provider have access to the physical server where your website is hosted. The hosting company is able to protect you from any security breaches and attacks from hacking and viruses.

They will always offer the required maintenance and security upgrades. Websites that run on a dedicated server are usually independent of other servers and as such the actions of other users will not affect your website at all and even when neighboring sites are under any security threats you will still be safe.

2. Customization

A dedicated server allows for customization of the server to fit the unique needs of your office. With a dedicated server, you can choose various programming options like the software you would like to install, the type of operating system to use, and the kind of hardware specifications that you may need. These options allow you a personal space to meet the needs of your business. You can always change the settings of your site with the changing demands of your work without affecting other users on the server.

3. No sharing

When you choose a dedicated server for your office, you get the advantage of using the full resources of a single server. You will never have to worry about competing with other users for resources. This is because you are allocated a fixed amount of RAM and a CPU. As a result, you get more bandwidth and a dedicated processor power. This means that your internet speed is consistent, fast and even more reliable, leading to an overall better user experience on your site. Also, there is no likelihood of being slowed down by bad scripts that are running on other websites.

4. Control of applications

Getting a dedicated server for your office will give you full control of your data and applications. You have the liberty to choose what management tools to use on your server. This way you get better control of the technical needs of your company. The only requirement is to use tools that are easily serviceable by your hosting service provider. You also have access to custom installations and the freedom to choose what content to have on your site. You can control the sharing of information in your office by protecting your data stored on the server using the various encrypting methods available. Some of the control panels you can use have remote features which allow you to manage your website from any place.

5. Inexpensive

Obtaining a dedicated server is a very cost-effective method since you only pay for the facilities that you use. You do not have to pay for a full-time service or the entire service room and this will save you a lot of money. Your hosting service provider will be responsible for taking care of all the upgrades, maintaining connectivity, and the patches to the hardware, guaranteeing that you are safe, secure, and up-to-date at all times.