What Are The 5 Most Important Aspects of Custom Packaging?

If you are like most other people, you don’t put much thought into packaging when you sell something. You wrap the item in bubble wrap to keep it safe, maybe add some newspaper for additional safekeeping, tape the box up, and out the door it goes. While the importance of these steps are undeniable, putting more thought into the packaging that you use could improve your business significantly. Here are a few reasons to consider custom packaging for your business.

1. Keeps products safe

It is every seller’s nightmare to discover that their item arrived damaged. You can replace the item or issue a refund, but your reputation as being reliable is already tarnished. Custom packaging can remedy this by offering products that are specifically made for a particular item. The packaging fits tight on the item so there is no room for shifting which often leads to breaking. You can also make specific requests for your packaging, such as adding cushioning material if your item is fragile. After all, it is estimated that 1 in 10 packages are delivered damaged.

2. Looks professional

While we were all taught not to judge a book by its cover, first impressions really do matter. When a product is delivered, the actually packaging is the first thing the buyer sees so you want to impress. Having packages made with your name and company logo can increase visibility for your company and add a degree of professionalism. In today’s age of ecommerce, the product itself will be the only physical interaction between you and the buyer. Therefore, you want to create a good impression.

3. Shows that you care

Can you send your item in a plain brown box with just the address of the buyer and your return address?Sure. But creating a custom package for their specific item with your name and logo on it shows that you care about the customer and plenty of effort went into packing and shipping their item. This is the reputation that you want to build and it will keep customers coming back. Don’t be afraid to include a few of your business cards with your email address and webpage on them for the buyer to distribute to friends and family. Word of mouth is very powerful.

4. Reduced delivery costs

Custom packaging can definitely reduce shipping costs overall. With a package made specifically for your product, packing material such as bubble wrap and paper will be used less. Some may argue that such packing materials are not needed at all if you utilize custom packaging, but it cannot hurt to still use such items to guarantee the safe arrival of your item. Custom packaging will also reduce the dimensions of the package which will lead to less shipping fees.The savings on shipping fees may not be obvious on an individual basis, but they will add up the more you ship. Try to buy your custom packages in bulk as many companies offer discounts the more you purchase at once.

5. Environmentally responsible

Most custom package companies use recycled materials which are obviously better on the environment. Using custom packaging can allow you to play a part in reducing the harm done to the environment. Making your customers aware of the fact that you use eco-friendly packaging will make you a more attractive seller due to your considerations for the safety of the environment. The protection of the environment is a top priority for many people especially youth who comprise a major part of the ecommerce client base. Making yourself appealing to them could in turn potentially increase sales.