How to Get Ahead: 4 Great Programs from a Business College

Business colleges are independent business schools offering specific job training to equip their students for a productive and successful career. Some business schools focus on one or two types of training like information technology or marketing, while others offer a full range of training in many different program areas. Business schools in Canada must be registered and meet strict requirements that are laid out by the provincial ministry of training or education. For example, their law clerk and paralegal programs must meet the specifications of the Law Society and local health and social service authorities must be respected in the case of training provided for personal support and community workers.

A business college’s programs are designed to give their students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the real world. You will not just receive a certificate or diploma, you will get the confidence you may have been lacking to make your mark in your chosen field. Business colleges offer a range of programs to suit everyone’s need and ambitions. This true whether it is in basic business, legal work, information technology, public relations, health care or community services. They have one that is right for you.

Basic business courses

This might include a range of basic business courses to equip trainees with the rudiments of business that could allow them to enter and function well in commercial businesses of any kind. Courses of study might include accounting and payroll administration as well as a number of support functions in the accounting field. It might also include general business management courses as well as training in the new world of e-business and e-commerce that is growing by leaps and bounds.

1. Legal work

In the legal field, the main focus of business schools tends to be general law programs that support the legal profession. The two main ones usually offered are a law clerk program and a paralegal training course. Both are intensive introductions to the law and the justice system. The law clerk program will help someone be an assistant in a law office while paralegals may in fact end up in court representing on housing and civil court matters. The other legal training that might be available is the police foundation program which is the base training for security and policing positions.

2. IT experts

In information technology, the programs might general IT work that could equip someone to work in a help station at an office all the way up to IT software engineers and administrators. Network engineering and systems management are two other popular programs as well as a range of job training in data management. This might be things like database administrator, and advanced courses in analytics and data retrieval. There are even new programs that help people get into social media marketing and digital media and web design.

3. Health Care

In the health care field, business colleges offer a number of programs to help support hospitals, clinics and health care professionals. There are some basic health care programs and then specialized training to help someone become medical office administrators and dental office managers and receptionists. There is also special training for a very important part of the health care system, personal support workers. Personal support workers assist patients and clients in any number of areas with their daily and medical needs.

4. Community Service

Business schools also provide training for workers to support individuals and organizations in the community. Some of these programs are in community service and child care including early child care assistants. All of these jobs are valuable to the community and could be enriching and rewarding careers for anyone who pursues them.