CV STEP BY STEP: What Should Your CV Contain?


“CV” is an abbreviation for “Curriculum Vitae”, which literally would mean “a history of life.” Here it is called summary or autobiography. It is a document that describes your qualifications, education and work experience.

Exactly that document – together with a motivational letter have the purpose to form the first impression at your potential employer. The purpose of this document is to provide you an interview.


Each CV should contain several basic sections with information for you.

Personal data

In this section you are obliged to introduce your full name, date of birth, contact phone and e-mail. It is not bad to indicate your address.

All other data is useless unless it is required of you in more detail.


It does not recommend you to start from the primary education. First indicate the highest level of education that you have completed and return backward.

If you have completed some specialized courses related to the position for election, list them in CV.

Work experience

This section provides information about your work experience, presented in reverse chronological order by starting from the last position.

You can give a brief description of your previous position, the main business you dealt with and your achievements.

Other skills

In this section you can specify: knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, published books, articles and so on. When it comes to knowledge of foreign languages, it is important to specify what level of reading, speaking and writing skills.

Display each computer program with which you can work. Be careful, because the layout of the CV can say much about your computer skills and knowledge.

Interests and achievements

Information about your interests and achievements is not mandatory, but is recommended to enter it. With that, your potential employer will get an idea about you as a person.

Additional information

Depending on the position for which they stand for election, it is necessary to consider other information can help you stand out from other candidates and get the chance to prove that you are the right person for the position.
You can specify your family status, possession of a driving license and so on.