9 Different Types of Immigration Applications

Moving to a new country is filled with many obstacles and challenges. Those tasks can become even more daunting or time consuming if you do not know what type of application to apply for. There are different reasons to relocate to a new part of the world. Knowing what you are hoping to gain, and the forms required to achieve that goal are necessary if you want your application to be processed in a timely manner.

The most common reasons to reagitate to another part of the world include:

1. Student Visa

Sometimes, the education you want, or need is not available in the universities in your own country. When the occurs, students look outside their own region’s colleges to access other post secondary education options. Students that have been accepted into one of Canada’s university or college programs can apply for a visa to allow them legal entry into city, so they can go to school.

2. Work Visas

Jobs are difficult to find in different regions throughout the world. If your skills and qualifications cannot be utilized in your home, looking at other homelands is an option. Employees can apply for a temporary work visa to come to Canada and earn an income. For help with visas, talking with an immigration lawyer can be very beneficial in expediting the process.

3. Sponsorship

Family who have already moved to a new place can, after a designated period of time, apply to sponsor another kin member from the same region. They would fill out an application form requested that their kin member be allowed to move to the country. Persons applying to sponsor a relation must be of legal age and a citizen or permanent resident of the country.

4. Refugee Status Protection

Persons living in dangerous areas or fleeing from persecution in their birth country and file for refugee protection. A permanent resident can also sponsor another family relation in the same life threatening international place as a sponsor refugee.

5. Caregiver Status

Foreigners who are caring for other people including elders, children or patients with medical conditions can apply to come to Canada as a designated caregiver.

6. Investors and Start-Ups

Anyone who want to invest in the growth and prosperity of this country’s economy can apply to come here as an Immigrant Investor. For those wanting to open a business that will result in the creation of jobs and money into the economy can apply for a start-up visa.

7. Territorial Programs

Some territories or provinces such as the Atlantic provinces and Quebec can have their own specific needs. To fill those needs, they offer a sponsorship or citizen application program to attract outsiders to their location. For example, Quebec has a Skilled Workers program to try to gain more skilled workers to certain industries and job markets.

8. Provincial Nominees

If you have special skills or talents that a province or territory wants, they can nominate you to come to Canada and reside in their region.

9. Express Entry

There are many industries that are desperately trying to find qualified staff to work because there is an extreme shortage of citizens who are willing to do the job. Skilled labour employees can apply for temporary Visas to work in an unfulfilled job market.

People relocate to another country for many reasons. When moving to a new area it is important to know why you are moving and what paperwork you need to fill out. Failure to complete the proper documentation can result in a delayed or rejected application.

Moving to a new country is stressful, challenging, confusing, and exhilarating. Knowing why you are relocating and what forms you need will help with the processing of your forms in a more timely and efficient manner.