8 Commonly Found Amenities in Retirement Homes

If you or a loved one are looking into retirement homes, it is vital to consider the amenities they offer. As this will be the person’s new home, certain activities can help to keep the person engaged, active, social and happy with the change.

It is important to note that every nursing home differs. Therefore, it is best to consider what you or a loved one values prior to deciding. To help you through this decision, we’ve listed below some of the most common activities.

1. Social Clubs

Social clubs can vary depending on the residence. These clubs are often run by members of staff who try to engage the residents. Some examples of social clubs that a facility can offer are book clubs, movie clubs, or knitting clubs. These types of clubs are a great way for a person to maintain social contact and build new friendships.

2. Hobby Rooms

Hobby rooms are a great way for the residents to keep busy. Oftentimes, retirement homes will have rooms dedicated to specific activities such as sewing or crafting. These rooms can be a great way for the resident to get out of their room and focus on a fun activity.

3. Library

A library is an important service to consider for people who are avid readers. If you or a loved one value reading you should ultimately seek out a home with a large library. Having direct access to a number of books can drastically impact the persons level of happiness.

4. Pool

If you or your loved one are still active it is important to choose a care home that services this. Therefore, you may want to consider a home that has a pool. Oftentimes, homes with pools offer aquatic classes that will keep them engaged and fit. Not only can your loved one use the pool to get exercise, but it is a great way for them to bond with other people.

5. Gym or Athletic Centre

As it was mentioned above, it is important to take into a consideration the activity level you or your loved one will want to maintain. Certain homes offer gyms, athletic centres, tennis courts or more. Facilities that have these amenities typically offer fitness classes, games and sporting events. These services are ideal for people who want to remain active despite moving into the residence.

6. Workshops or Classes

Certain retirement homes offer its residences a choice of workshops or classes they can take. These classes tend to teach the individual a new skill such as sewing, typing or painting. These classes are ideal for elderly patients that enjoy learning and want to continue doing so.

7. Chapels

Many people often forget about religious services when looking for a retirement home. If you or your loved one frequent church or other religious services you should seek a facility that caters to it. Not doing so can lead to disappointment from the resident as it can help to maintain a level of normalcy, happiness, and interaction amongst them.

8. Beauty Salons

If you or your loved one visit a beauty salon regularly you may want to consider homes that have a salon within it. This is a service that is especially needed for residents who may not be able to leave the facility on their own. Having this service is a great way for the resident to maintain a level of normalcy. As well, it can help to keep residents with mobility issues to keep groomed.