7 Ways to Streamline Workplace Productivity with Office Equipment

Businesses today are looking for devices to multitask and therefore reduce the frustration at work of carrying out several tasks by different devices.  Multifunctional printers, scanners and copiers can save a lot of time and money as well as increase efficiency. These equipment can make everyday task simple and easy to do.  If you are looking to optimize your workplace, the first thing is to replace numerous single units with one that offers multipurpose functions.

Manufacturers today offer more robust and energy efficient models that are cost effective and save significant space. However, there are many manufacturers and suppliers to choose from and it can be a lengthy process to try to find a reliable and cost-effective supplier. What your business is looking for is a trusted partner to help you achieve business goals. The best is to opt for a supplier that offers the following:

1. Improve office productivity.

The supplier will provide you with the many ways the equipment will improve office productivity and workflow. They will not just talk about the equipment features and benefits, but will show you how the functionalities work so you can see instantly how the device operates and the wonders that it can do when it comes to accomplishing tasks.

2. Reduce costs to meet business and sustainable goals.

Equipment promising to reduce costs and actually doing so can have a big impact on the after sales experience. You really want to be sure that the equipment you are investing in will truly save time, cost and contribute to sustainability. However, with the right multifunction device, you save costs because your business is only investing in one device that can perform many functions. This way, you do not have to buy a separate printer, copier or scanner.

3. Has knowledge of the type of equipment to suit your specific business needs.

The supplier should be willing to take time to understand your requirements and provide you with the right office technology suite for your business objectives.

4. Exceptional customer service.

Usually suppliers have several clients who either bought or lease equipment from them. They spend very little time resolving equipment breakdowns and keeping track of services appointments. A trusted partner will be reliable and will not disappoint you. They will be proactive and responsive to your needs as they want to ensure your satisfaction and business goals are achieved. They are willing to help you cut down your business costs and reduce downtime.

5. Multifunction devices

An all-in-one printer performs print, scan, copy and fax functions and can even receive and send email which can save time in tasks carried out, save money in buying two or three different equipment and save space. Although these functions seem like small tasks, they can be critical to getting a contract signed and awarded to your business. Furthermore, the multifunction printer can increase productivity by quickly completely tasks all at a specific time and at one location.

6. Environmentally friendly and energy saving devices.

Eco-friendly devices are always the most efficient option as they prevent waste and converse energy.  Xerox printers for instance can save 900 pounds of papers in 4 years.

7. Long-term advantages

Multifunction devices seem like a big investment in the beginning, but there are many long-term advantages such as energy conversation, waste reduction, cost savings and multi-taking and most importantly the ability to boost workplace productivity.