7 Ways A Mascot Can Help Your Brand

It’s hugely important to create an emotional connection between your customer and product using marketing. Emotions come from the same part of the brain that is responsible for decision making and memory. So this means that the advertising that emotions stimulate the memory and make it more likely to urge the consumer to buy something based you have to sell compared to relying on advertising based on reason. Mascots can help you make this emotional connection with consumers. Keep reading to see seven different ways a mascot can help your brand.

1. A mascot avoids problems caused by misbehaving spokespeople.

Even when the human spokesperson is a popular celebrity, his or her misbehaviour in public can prove to be a liability for your brand. When you use a mascot, you never have to worry about challenging the status quo. Product mascots are often better known than human spokespeople and can create more trust among consumers. Even better, mascots are essentially immortal. They can be retired or discontinued for years and then brought back again.

2. A mascot can make your product more likeable.

Mascots give people the feeling they’re being entertained by a character instead of being influenced by a sales pitch. A good mascot will get consumers’ attention and make your products more desirable, too.

3. A mascot can help you make your brand politically correct.

Fantasy or animal mascots don’t ever cause problems with ethnic diversity issues.n Even though they aren’t human, they can also display an emotional range and will always say the right thing at the right time.

4. A popular local mascot can help build stronger connections within the community.

If your community has a connection with your local school’s mascot, you could license that mascot to use for your own business. For example, say you sell pizza and the local university’s mascot is a bulldog. If you were to change your name to “Bulldog Pizza,” and license the university’s mascot, you can make your location and brand more memorable.

5. Mascots are usable across different media.

A great mascot is usable in print, online, and at live events. Your mascot can be printed on signs and banners or used in online ads or commercials in addition to showing up to events as a live character.

6. You can use a mascot for giveaways or become a product line itself.

Mascots can be represented in two-dimensional advertising as well as promotional items. For example, one popular restaurant chain used the mascot on their signage, created salt and pepper shakers for each table in their restaurants, and published a series of comic books featuring the mascot. This allows the mascot to be used as promotional items but can also be sold for profit as stand-alone products. Mascots can be produced as bobble-head figures, coin banks, and other souvenirs that you can sell in online or brick and mortar stores.

7. Mascots can show your brand personality.

A mascot can show your company’s commitment to service, quality, and sense of humour, as well. The mascot can be used on communication pieces within the company and can inspire workers and attract new clients on an ongoing basis.

A great custom mascot company can take your idea or inspiration and help you decide what style best will suit your target market. For example, a classic illustration style might be more effective if your target demographic is older citizens, while a Japanese anime style might be more suitable for younger consumers.