7 Tips To Keep Your Leather Accessories In Perfect Condition

Leather’s appeal to people of all demographics is obvious. It is stylish, luxurious and beautiful. However, maintaining this look takes a bit of work. www.bettyhemmings.com tells you to keep your prized leather accessory in perfect condition.

1. Do not wrap leather in plastic

Leather requires care and maintenance. Wrapping your leather bags, cases or wallets can cause the leather to not be able to ‘breathe’. Even the smallest amount of moisture present in the wrap can cause the growth of anaerobic microorganisms like mildew. And lack of air prevents evaporation.

2. Keep leather out of direct sun

When storing your leather goods, make sure to keep it somewhere cool and dry. Sunlight can dry out your leather causing it to become brittle and eventually crack.

3. When wet, let it dry naturally

Despite your utmost vigilance, it is inevitable that the occasional liquid will spill on your leather item. It is important to let it dry naturally to avoid cracking of the leather. Using artificial heat and blow dryers can destroy your leather’s polish and patina and can also leach off the color.

4. Keep leather away from sharp edges

Leather easily acquires cuts and scrapes. And once damaged, repair is impossible. Unless the worn out look is your aesthetic, when storing your leather be sure to keep it away from abrasive items.

5. Clean with damp cloth

Soap or to her chemicals may damage your leather. So, unless you are sure it is safe to use, clean any spills like food items, ink, mud etc. with a slightly damp cloth. Be sure to wring out the material before applying it to leather in order not cause further damage.

6. Use leather conditioner

Sometimes leather may get too dry due to various reasons. This can cause it to break or crack. Keep your leather moist by applying conditioners specially developed to re-hydrate leather. Use it often so that there is no chance of damage.

7. Avoid Over-stuffing

Stretching your leather bag or wallet to the limit can cause it to stretch out and lose the sleek look it came with originally. Leather has no elasticity, so it is better to keep a cap on the number of items you fill it with.