6 Shopping Guidelines for Leather Wallets

A wallet is one of the most essential and practical accessories that everyone needs. Leather wallets have stood the test of time and continue to be among the most popular material for this vital belonging.

In addition to storing and organizing all your cards and cash, a high-quality leather wallet is a major indication of your status and style. A sign of a timeless and classic sensibility, leather wallets wear well and improve with age. Don’t get caught with a shabby tattered wallet, invest in leather and appreciate your purchase for decades to come.

1. Traditional cache with a modern twist

Leather products have a long history and many aristocratic associations. One characteristic that has allowed them to develop such an illustrious reputation is their extreme durability. This is a quality that is once again coming into fashion. In a consumer market that is becoming utterly disillusioned with disposable products and fast fashion, knowing that you’re buying something that will last is crucial.

2. Convenient and comfortable

In addition to looking and feeling great, you will soon realize that a wallet made from real leather offers other additional benefits. Leather is super easy to care for and only improves as it ages. You don’t have to be concerned about the impact of rain or high temperatures, and leather is very easy to clean. Leather is soft and smooth to the touch and will feel great inside of your pocket.

3. You can choose a design that works for you

Depending on your needs and preferences, leather wallets come in different shapes and designs. For example, a bi-fold wallet allows you to store big banknotes without folding them. There are also tri-fold wallets that are folded into thirds. Although somewhat bulkier and heavier, a tri-fold wallet also has more slots for your cards.

There are also simpler designs like a money clip or travel wallet, these are designed for maximum efficiency and to fit as comfortably as possibly into small pockets.

4. Type of leather

When opting for leather, you still have options regarding the grade of the material itself. There are three types of leather- top grain, full grain and split grain. Top grain leather is made by sanding a piece of leather fabric and coating it in resin, it hides imperfections but is also less durable than full grain leather.

Split grain leather is taken from the underside when the hide is split, it also is not as durable as full grain, but many people still like it because it is available in many color choices and is less expensive.

5. Construction

Just like the types of leather material, there are 2 main types of constructions of which are Turned edge and Cut Edge. With the turned edge construction, the edge of the wallet is quite thin. It is turned before being stitched. On the other hand, the cut edge construction means that the edge of the leather wallet is cut and then stitched before being coated in black resin.

Turned edge is a good choice if you want a wallet that looks nice and lasts for a long time. the only problem with this kind of construction is that it will be more expensive.

6. Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is probably the most important indication of the true quality of the wallet. The stitching lines are what is going to tell you the most about how carefully was wallet was crafted. Check to make sure that the stitching is centrally positioned. If the stitching lines are crooked, you can bet that there was not a lot of thought that went into the construction of the wallet.

The corners and turnover of the wallet should also be properly finished feel good when you run your fingertips over them. Look for a wallet with round stitched corners and avoid anything that has right angled corners.