6 Practical Office Organization Supplies for a Business

Organisation is important, there aren’t many people that would argue with that. It is especially important in an office, where many people have to work together often using the same materials and resources. In this context, organisation is really important because it saves time. A neat space, where everything has its place and can actually be found in that place, will increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

Neatness and organisation are relative. With the best office organization supplies, you can ensure all the work processes flow smoothly for you and the others in your office. Below are six practical office organization supplies for any business:

1. Labeler

Labelers are simple and practical business supplies that every company can use. They will allow you to print out custom labels for everything that you need to have clearly marked. Knowing where everything goes ensures that it will be put back in that place. Knowing where everything is with a simple glance makes it easy to find things.

Labels are particularly important in the context of an office, where there is more than one person using everything. In a personal office, it is not as necessary as you can reasonably know where everything is located.

However, in an office many people will have to consult the same documents, add to folders and use the same materials. Labels will ensure that everyone can find these things and that they will know where to put them back. It also means that you won’t have to train everybody to follow the organisation system that you put in place, they can read the labels for themselves.

2. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are a simple and effective organisation solution. You can get these boxes in a wide range of sizes, meaning that you can put pretty much anything that you need to keep both together and out of sight into them.

These boxes will make your space look neat and tidy without forcing you to actually keep everything in a very specific place. They will allow you to easily keep like and like together. Following a basic principal of organisation.

These office organization supplies will also allow you to simply throw in any item belonging to that box. Making them a perfect way to stay organised without having to put in a lot of effort for your office to stay that way.

3. Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers are organisers that you can put into your drawers that will then create little compartments inside your drawers. Having your drawers compartmentalised like this will help you to keep everything it’s place and to keep like and like together.

Drawers can be particularly tricky to keep organised because everything gets shaken around every time they are opened and closed. Even if you have put everything in its place, day to day use of the drawer will mix it all up. These organisers prevent that.

4. Pencil Holders

This office organization supply is a desktop basic, and that’s for a reason. It’s incredibly practical. Without a pencil holder your pens and pencils would be rolling all over the place, this keeps them together, where you can find them and keep your desk neat.

It doesn’t end with your pens and pencils though. Pencil holders come in many shapes and sizes. You can get one with many compartments and place different items in each compartment, so you can keep scissors, glues, paper clips or anything else that you happen to use around your office. It’s the easiest way to keep the clutter that spreads on the surface of your desk from happening.

5. A Message Board

Message Boards are a great way of keeping your office organised in two ways: by stopping the accumulation of physical pieces of paper and by maintaining effective communication in the workplace.

There are lots of different types of boards: cork, white, cloth, etc… Choose one that fits both your decor and your purpose. It will help you to avoid sticking post-it reminders everywhere and it will look far better than sticking notices up on the walls on pieces of paper. Once again, all of these things will be kept together in one contained location: making your office neat and tidy. It will also make for really efficient communication.

Just remember to regularly sort out what you have on your board. A quick weekly clean-up to take down any out-of-date notices will keep this system running effectively.

6. Work Zones

Select different areas of your office and devote these to particular tasks. For example, you could have a space that is your main workspace, another for reference materials, another for cleaning supplies and another for extra equipment.

This isn’t so much an office organisation supply, but doing this will help you to determine which supplies you will need in which zones. Make sure to think about the different tasks that you need to accomplish in your office and the things that you keep there. Then, divide these into logical categories according to the tasks you complete.