6 Most Bizarre Online Ideas That Worked Out Successfully

1. Million Dollar Homepage

1,000,000 pixels, per dollar for each pixel – that’s perhaps the dumbest idea for online business anyone can come. However, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old would not have agreed with us and now he is a millionaire.

2. Santa Mail

What a brilliant idea! Get a postal address at North Pole, Alaska, pretend you are Santa Claus and charge to all parents who want their children to receive a letter from Santa $ 10! Byron Reese sent over 200000 letters since the start of the business in 2001, making him a couple million dollars richer.

3. Doggles

What do you say if someone tells you to Create goggles for dogs and sell them online? Wow no more stupid than this. How they manage to become millionaires and have shops all over the world, we will never understand.

4. Laser Monks

LaserMonks.com-profit – company of America, is based in monastery with 8 monks. Yeah, real monks work on this business. Hallelujah! Their 2005 sales were $ 2.5 million. God bless them.

5. Antenna Balls

You can’t sell antenna ball online. No way. And surely, it will not make you rich. But this is exactly what Jason Wall did and became millionaire.

6. Fit Deck

Create a deck of cards with physical exercise routines, and sell it online. It looks like a disaster, but the former soldier and fitness instructor Phil Black reported last year sales of $ 4.7 million. Far better than a soldier’s salary.

Sometimes you do not need to complicate matters, because the most stupid ideas can bring unimaginable wealth. Good luck!