6 Key Qualities Every Lawn Care Company Should Have

All homeowners like to have a beautiful, healthy lawn that’s well-maintained. Sometimes, you can do it yourself if you have the experience. Some people have the experience but don’t have the time while others have the time but don’t have the experience, but it’s still a good idea to call in the experts once in a while.

Here are some key qualities every lawn care company should have:


👍 1. Good Reputation

Go with a company with a good reputation. You can check reviews on the Internet but it’s also a good idea to ask friends and neighbours. They may be using someone that they would recommend. If the company has any accolades or if it’s been featured on the news, all the better.

📋 2. Licensed

If you are able to pay more, then make sure the company you hire is licensed and work according to all by-laws and proper procedures. They will thus be professional, dependable, experienced and properly trained in all aspects. You could go with someone unlicensed and you’ll probably pay less but it would be advisable to go with the former rather than the latter.

💰 3. Insured

Always make sure they are insured. Accidents happen even to the best of us. If something goes wrong and a worker is hurt on your property, you won’t be held liable.

🔧 4. Excellent Service

Everyone likes to be spoken to with courtesy and respect. Make sure that they have great customer service and treat you well and not like you’re just another number. They must take the time to explain and advise you whenever possible. Proper communication is key. If they’re done and just pack up and go, what would be the point of using them again?

📊 5. Getting A Quote

Find out about pricing and get a quote. If they give you figures without actually coming and seeing your lawn, this is a red flag. Do not use a company that gives a quote without seeing your property. Also, ask if they have payment plans. A yearly fee may cost less and be more economical for you.

📞 6. Ask For References

Do not be afraid to ask them to provide references. If a company is legitimate and stand behind their work and principles, they have nothing to hide and will not hesitate to provide references as proof of their reliability.

Ask about how often they change their blades and how they take care of their equipment. If they do things according to specific guidelines, you know they take care of their equipment which means the job they do for you will be done properly. Otherwise, they may use dull blades on your lawn, which could hurt it.

Also ask about contracts and guarantees and if they work with the environment in mind. If they tick all the right boxes, you will be happy to use their lawn care services for a long time and even recommend them to others.