5 Ways How Emailtopia Can Help You Organize Your Corporate Mails

Documentation is important in every business. Emails make up a large portion of communication among different personnel and departments. Thus, automation is very important in this avenue. Here are 5 ways how Emailtopia from https://emailtopia.com/ can help you out:

1. Prompt Reply From Group MailBoxes

Businesses usually have group mail boxes that are used to interact with clients. Addresses like @info, @support, @help are the pillars of positive customer interaction. As such, the replies from these boxes must be prompt, precise and professional. Any wrong doing in this department can land a company in hot waters. Email Workflow Management System helps in a way such that they are sent in a timely manner.

2. Track Responses by Reps

Businesses rely on a customer base and client retention is important. It is always good practice to have dedicated support for valued customers and to do so certain customers should be handled only by select representatives. That way, their history is already familiar to the company and can be handled swiftly. Moreover, for any interaction, the name can be tracked so that in case of an escalation, you know who can help with the problem.

3. Check Client Satisfaction

A big part of customer retention is satisfying the client. It is not easy to monitor all areas of contention and immediately sooth a disgruntled patron. Luckily, workflow management system can automate this. You can configure it to flag tone and send out a notification for areas where intervention is required. By having a copy of previous attempts handy, it is much easier to solve any problem.

4. Produce Simple Workflow Models

Often a process, gets bounced around from staff to staff, and among different departments before coming to fruition. Tracing the email logs and the roundabout conversations can be headache inducing. Workflow management system creates simple linear models, devoid of unnecessary detail in order to trace the work from inception to completion.

5. Generate Reports

A lot of email conversations deal with bills, budgets, sales and growth numbers. However, amassing and compiling all this into relevant spreadsheets is a tedious and inefficient job. Workflow management system can easily scrape the relevant data from emails and generate easily navigable charts that detail the current state of your company.