5 Ways Businesses Are Using Mascots to Build Their Brand

We’ve all seen mascots in many places, such as a stadium where two professional sports teams play each other. They are used in colleges, in the music industry, magazines and many other places. A mascot can be used for any number of reasons. Sometimes a mascot can just be a child leading out a team. Mascots can be used in the business world and it can help play a part in improving your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that a mascot can achieve this.

1. Highly Visual Exposure Of A Company

Mascots have the ability to create excitement as well as media exposure. At many events, such as a community event, the mascot can be seen being photographed for things such as print media, or sometimes the mascot is being filmed for TV. Using a mascot is a very effective way to create awareness, sell the product and build loyalty.

Mascots are memorable and make such recognizable symbols for a product or company. A mascot can work itself into the public’s consciousness. If you see that green gecko, you think of Geico immediately. It works.

2. Build Brand Recognition

A mascot helps to build brand recognition which will help in generating goodwill for that brand. A mascot can also be an ambassador for a brand. People easily associate a mascot with a particular brand or company. Companies know this and make full use of mascots to help build brand recognition.

3. Build An Emotional Connection

A mascot has the ability to build an emotional connection with customers. Mascots also play a pivotal role in gaining trust from customers, making customers feel more friendly towards the company. Animated mascots play a big role in this. Tony Tiger and the Pillsbury Doughboy are good examples of this. Businesses know this and make full use of its potential. Consumers appreciate a friendly face of trust and these mascots certainly provide it.

4. Mascots With Social Media Followers

Today, the use of social media in business is huge. If you do not use this, you’re leaving lots of money on the table. So many of these mascots have personal Facebook pages. Take Mr. Peanut, for example. He’s got over 600,000 followers on Facebook alone! A recognizable mascot that gains in popularity over years can use platforms offered by social media to spread their word even further to improve business and gain loyalty. Chester Cheetah has over 85,000 followers on Twitter which allows him to boost his product big time!

5. Attracting New Customers

If a company has got their mascot just right, it has the potential to attract new customers. People will search the mascot online if it has caught their attention. When this happens, they read a little more and get to know about the company, its products, favourable reviews and other positive things along these lines and eventually, they may buy the product. All this because a mascot caught their eye.

Mascots can also be used as an educational tool to pass on messages. It can provide an incentive for families to visit a sporting event by creating enthusiasm in children. Mascots are such a powerful tool that businesses take advantage of this and gain huge benefits.