5 Tips to Stock Your Restaurant Kitchen

Buying used commercial kitchen equipment is an excellent way to save money as you start your journey in the restaurant industry. Buying used is extremely helpful and allows you to allocate funds to the crucial areas of your business. This blog post looks at why you should buy used commercial kitchen equipment and four suggestions to help you ensure your investment works out!

1. Why Should You Buy Used?

When it comes to starting a restaurant, equipment is always one of the biggest expenses. Just like a car, most kitchen equipment (stoves, grills, coolers) depreciate as soon as you begin to use them. New equipment comes with a substantial price tag that often ends up disrupting your budget. The money you save by buying used can be reused to cover your food costs, payroll, and marketing expenses.

One benefit of buying used units is the prices aren’t set in stone. Used restaurant equipment dealers are often willing to negotiate the price of old equipment. Negotiation gives you an additional opportunity to save money while stocking your restaurant with equipment. If you buy multiple used items from the same vendor, there’s a good chance you’ll get a decent discount or a freebie included with your purchase.

2. Use Money Wisely And Strategically

When starting a new restaurant, cash is going to be your most valuable asset. Strategically equipping your restaurant with used items is a great way to make the most out of your budget. If your restaurant specializes in barbecue foods, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality grill in order to establish your restaurant as the place to go for barbecue.

However, this means you should probably buy your coolers, microwaves and other pieces equipment used to offset the costs.

3. Spend Extra Time Looking For Modern Models

 Even though you’re more likely to get a better deal by settling for older equipment, it’s well worth your time to find modern used restaurant equipment. New restaurants that go out of business often end up selling almost new items at a discount price. Newer models of kitchen equipment have better safety features and come with other general improvements over their predecessors.

With the old equipment, you always run the chance that an inspector might say the unit is no longer fit for service. For a little more money, newer restaurant equipment makes staying safe and in compliance with restaurant regulations an easier task.

4. When It Comes To Used Equipment, Gas Is Better Than Electric

If you buy used equipment that runs on electricity, you’re taking a risk. Kitchen equipment units that run on electricity are often complicated devices with many intricate parts. Electronic devices have a higher chance of malfunctioning because of the many complex pieces that begin to stop working with age. Gas is a more eco-friendly option, and your gas bill will almost always be lower than your electric. Gas equipment has less moving parts and is much easier to set up in a new environment.

If the power goes out in your area, all you need is a lighter to get your gas stove going. Gas stoves also warm up faster and are excellent for broiling foods.

5. Always Try Before You Buy

Buying used equipment without trying it out is a disaster waiting to happen. Some vendors may not offer this option, but if it’s available, make sure you take advantage. Before considering any equipment, make sure to do your own personal inspection, taking note of any flaws, dents or issues with the item.

Trying the unit out before you buy is especially important if the item only comes with a short-term warranty. With used equipment, you get excellent money savings, but you need to do your due diligence to ensure your investment is worthwhile.