5 Strategies to Recruit the Right Salespeople

Sales recruiting can be a difficult job to perform, especially as fewer younger talents lack the knack for sales. But you should not relent; it is important to continue fighting the good fight by trying out a wide array of strategies to recruiting the right salespeople.

Remember, you won’t find them by merely concentrating on LinkedIn or hanging out at a conference. For starters, you will need to contact an employment agency and carry on from there.

Unsure how to proceed? Here are five must-have strategies to recruit the right salespeople:

1. Asking the Right Questions at an Interview

Some questions have become so cliched that applicants already prepare for them and have an instant, perfected reply. This is not what you want as a sales recruiter, especially if all of your job candidates utter the same routine: “I work too much” or “I try too hard.”

Ultimately, you want spontaneity.

So, what should you do? Simple: start asking the right questions at each and every interview.

Here are some questions that you should consider asking:

  • What do you love and appreciate about our product or service?
  • How many hours do you typically work every week?
  • Do you prefer to sell or manage?
  • What personality traits do you want to improve upon?
  • What personality traits do you dislike?

When you begin to ask the right questions, you start discovering the best and weeding out the worst.

2. Use Multiple Venues for Recruiting

In this day and age, there is no excuse for utilizing the same venue to recruit talent, whether it is an industry conference or LinkedIn. There are multiple resources at your disposal and you will want to take full advantage of every arena to find the best of the best.

Everything from multiple social media outlets to job fairs to online recruiting establishments, there are many venues you can use to recruit talent for that company that is itching for the best salesperson.

3. Remember ABR – Always Be Recruiting

By now, we all remember ABC (A – Always, B – Be, C – Closing; Always Be Closing).

Well, there is a new acronym in town – or, at least for the sales recruitment sector: ABR, or Always Be Recruiting. That’s right. You should always be recruiting.

Once you incorporate routine recruiting into your day-to-day affairs, either at work or on the street, you won’t be frantic at the last minute trying to gather 100 resumes for one or two sales positions.

Yes, you want to keep your mind away from your professional life, but if you come across a superb individual that may just be a natural fit for the sales job, you should approach that person.

4. Build Trust with Candidates – They’ll Appreciate It

Let’s be honest: many candidates who across from you will be reserved and frightened. Indeed, they are not themselves, so they may hold back and only say what they think you want to hear.

This won’t be a successful pursuit if they behave in that manner.

When you want to avoid that, here is what you do: start building trust with the applicants.

Being honest, telling jokes, revealing a little bit about yourself, speaking candidly about the industry. These are all minor things that can open up the candidate because they appreciate it, which will then lead to honesty and a determination if they are a genuine fit or not.

5. Yes, References Still Matter

Finally, we come down to the age-old practice of requesting references.

Despite top-of-the-line resumes and a pristine social media presence, you still want to ask for references of past employers, professors, or professional connections. By doing this, you can find out if that person is who they say they are: polite, punctual, punctilious, and other positive characteristics.

Someone from their past will be honest in their description. Either way, you still benefit.

Sales recruiting is not an easy task, particularly as more young talent enter the labour market buried in their phones, socially anxious, and perhaps even a little entitled. Whether you believe sales is an inherent talent or not, sales recruitment firms are having a tough time finding professionals to fill these roles.

However, you should not concede defeat! There are plenty of strategies to embark upon to ensure you will have individuals filling in a sales job.