5 Questions to Ask Your Office Cleaning Company

Office cleaning work can have a significant impact on a building and the company’s using it. It can help teams remain productive, and keep all team members happy and healthy while completing their work. And so, your choice of office cleaning company for your building is of the utmost importance.

Within this latest post, we’ll help to further guide you within the selection process as we highlight the questions to consider when choosing the office cleaning company for your building.

1. How Many People Do You Employ?

One of the first considerations when working with an office cleaning company is the number of staff they employ within their work. Make sure that they have the staff to cover all office cleaning shifts. Some companies overstretch their small workforces and have them cleaning around the clock. This can sometimes mean that their team is rushed and therefore don’t complete the quality of work required to ensure an exceptional return on investment for you and your building.

2. What Training Does the Team Have?

Office cleaning work should be completed by those that have undergone training to use the latest cleaning equipment. This is particularly important when it comes to working with delicate materials such as carpeting and hardwood flooring. The company’s cleaning staff should be trained in dealing with spills on carpeting and in using potentially dangerous chemicals to remove stains from office furniture. Make sure that the company you choose is committed to training their work staff and follows all the latest industry guidelines regarding certification and performance standards.

3. Do You Complete Management Inspections of the Cleaning Staff?

Some companies simply task their cleaning staff with projects and then leave them to complete their work without direction or feedback. It’s important that the office cleaning company you select is committed to the inspection process.

Make sure they offer regular inspections by management staff to oversee the work their cleaning team has completed. This will also help you to bring to the attention of management teams any mistakes made by the cleaning staff, improving the level of cleaning moving forward. This process is incredibly helpful in ensuring a lasting return for your investment in professional cleaning services.

4. Do You Offer an Estimate?

An estimate can be useful in helping your organization compare the prices of cleaning services within the region. Many of the leading office cleaning companies now offer a free estimate as part of their initial work with clientele. This free estimate process can help you to both learn more about the cleaning company and compare the cost of their work with the other competitors in the marketplace. However, it’s important that you don’t make the decision on price alone.

The value of the cleaning work should be considered as well, as some companies are able to offer a more comprehensive cleaning service for a comparatively lower cost.

5. Are Your Cleaning Team Bonded and Insured?

Cleaning work can sometimes lead to equipment damage and material damage within the office space. It’s a problem that even the best cleaning companies encounter from time-to-time. But when the company’s team is bonded and insured, any required repair work is covered by their cleaning contact. This is part of the reason that working with a licensed and bonded cleaning company is so important to protecting your business in the future. It can ensure that any required repairs are covered and that your business is unaffected.

Take the time to review the local office cleaning companies in your region and use the questions highlighted in this post as a guide in the selection process. It could make a significant difference in office productivity moving forward.