5 Places Where You Should Store a Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is a critical safety device used to help cut off the flow of oxygen to a fire. Simply placing the blanket over a person or item that has caught fire has the ability to put out the blaze and completely extinguish small accidents from spreading. Although these blankets are critical to ensure the health and safety of those using the device many are unaware of where they should keep a fire blanket.

However, there are a number of common areas where a fire blanket is needed the most including: the car, a home’s kitchen, the garage, a caravan or boat where access to preventative fire devices such as the fire blanket are critical.

1. Car

One of the most important places to keep a fire blanket is in the car. It Is recommended that every car owner keep a fire blanker amongst other preventative tools in a safety kit that is stored in their car’s trunk at all times. This can help to mitigate against the damage of an accident by ensuring safety in the unfortunately event that a crash does occur. Having these items carefully stowed away in a car will inevitably help the owner be prepared for an accident before it occurs.

2. Home

All homeowners should consider keeping fire blankets at various places around their home. This is recommended because it will provide homeowners with quick and easy access to mitigation devices that can extinguish a blaze before it grows.

When placing the fire blankets in the home, it is recommended for homeowners to put them in strategic locations where an accident is most likely to occur such as the kitchen or living room. Placing these blankets throughout the home is a simple tactic that all homeowners can use to help prevent the spread of fire from impacting their life.

3. Garage

Seeing as the garage is a location where a number of different chemicals, machinery and tools are stored it is recommended that homeowners place a fire-resistant blanket in the garage of their home.

Given the increased risk factors that individuals are exposing themselves to in the garage, ensuring that a blaze can be stopped in a small amount of time critical to maintaining the health of those in the home.

4. Caravan

For those that are frequent campers or who regularly use a caravan to enjoy a weekend away in the woods it is recommended to keep a fire blanket in the vehicle. This blanket can be used to help mitigate against the impact of an accident if it were to occur while away. Having quick and easy access to this device is needed seeing as help may not be available immediately which can allow the blaze to persist and cause more damage to those on the site.

To avoid this damage while waiting for assistance, it is recommended that all campers and caravan owners keep a fire blanket on hand as a way to prevent fires from spreading.

5. Boat

Another location that a fire blanket should be kept to help mitigate against a fire is on a boat. If you are a boat owner and frequently take the vessel out on the water, you may be at an increased risk of injury if you do not have a fire blanket on board and cannot put out a blaze before it persists.

Failing to have these fire mitigation devices on the boat can result in devastation if you need to wait for assistance to arrive and are unable to maintain the blaze on your own.