5 Job Benefits of Working as a Dental Assistant

Let’s face it, at some point, no matter how great your job is, there will be days or times when it can get to you. Even multi-millionaire musicians in super groups will have arguments amongst themselves even though they do something they love. Now, if you’re considering a career as a dental assistant, you probably like meeting and working with people, otherwise, you may choose a different path.

Many dental assistants do enjoy their careers. There are ups and downs, as mentioned, but generally, most are really happy. Here are some of the best benefits of being a dental assistant.

1. Returning Patients

It’s always nice to see a familiar face and since people have to see their dentists regularly, you get to see the same patients every few months. As a result, you get to know some of them. You meet them, greet them and for those who are a little nervous, you can spend time calming them as well. This can be a special moment, almost like a strong bond forming, as the patient looks forward to seeing you and gain strength when they do. Apart from this, you will also be working on them which can be quite special.

2. You Get To Be A ‘Teacher’

Many people are afraid of the dentist, especially when it comes to the children. They associate the dentist with the more painful stuff. However, as a dental assistant, you get to teach the patients some valuable lessons. They will be more relaxed with you than they would be with the dentist. You can teach them about the importance of flossing and how to do it properly; you can show them how to brush more effectively; you can teach them about the importance of nutrition in regards to dental health. It’s important to come in for regular dental visits and you can help to convince them to do so. Teaching patients can give you a lot of job satisfaction.

3. Flexibility

As a dental assistant, you can have the benefit of having a flexible schedule. Many work part-time and look after the kids. Others work part-time in two dental offices. A lot of this depends on the dental office, but these positions and situations can be found. This allows you to do other things when necessary.

4. Job Security

The demand for dental assistants is growing with lots of good opportunities always being available. If you’re open to relocating, you could get a job in another province as well, if you’re the sort that likes a new challenge.

5. Regular Hours

Many healthcare workers not only have long hours, they may also be required to work shifts. In a dental office, you will know in advance what your hours will be. Of course it depends on each office, but the chances of working more stable hours can offer a more stable life and allow you to not disrupt other plans.

In a dental office, the setting is more intimate, so you can get to know your colleagues and make friends. Unlike other healthcare workers who may work in large hospitals, it can be more difficult to do this. You also get to give patients free stuff! After appointments, you can hand patients some nice freebies. People love free things, so you will feel good about giving them these freebies to help with their oral health and patients will be grateful as well.