5 Interview Questions Before You Hire a Plumber

If you have a home, you’ll eventually be faced with plumbing problems. If you don’t have a plumber right now, it’s strongly recommended that you start searching for one, even though you may not have a problem right now. When you do have a problem, in your desperation, you could call someone who is cheaper or accept the first plumber who speaks with you. The wrong plumber could waste your time and money and cause a lot of needless stress. Here are questions to ask yourself when searching for a plumber.

1. Do They Have A License?

This is a big one. A plumber with a license is going to offer you quality work. If they have a certificate of qualification, you’ll feel more confident in hiring them. Don’t be afraid to ask for their license number. You may need to find out if it is their license or if they are performing work under someone else’s license. If you have the license number, you can check to see if there have been any issues like misconduct or disciplinary actions against them.

2. Do They Have Insurance?

You’re out of luck if you hire a plumber who isn’t insured and makes your problem worse. These things can happen and you want to make sure you’re protected. If the plumber is insured, you feel a lot more confident because you won’t have to fork out any money in the event something does go wrong.

3. Are They Experienced With Your Problem?

Try to find out if the plumber has experience with problems similar to yours. Plumbers may have their own specialty and may be good with one problem and mediocre in something else. If they are experienced with your problem, chances are that it will be taken care of efficiently and you wouldn’t need to call a second plumber to do it again.

4. Will The Plumber Offer A Service Warranty?

A good, reputable plumber should be able to guarantee the work for a certain time period. If anything happens again, the plumber will take care of it if it happened to be his mistake. If he cannot give you such a guarantee, then this should give you a warning about his services.

5. Should I Ask For An Estimate?

Yes, indeed you should. The plumber should be able to give you an estimate. The only occasion a plumber may be hesitant is when the problem occurs within a wall or ceiling. If this is the case, then it’s only fair that he take a look to see the extent of the damage. He can then give you a proper estimate.

Don’t go in blind. Make sure you have a little knowledge to look for those red flags in case you’re dealing with an unlicensed contractor. This way, you will protect yourself from damage and financial loss and not feel helpless.