5 Guidelines to Create the Best Business Trademark

If you’re about to launch a business and haven’t come up with a trademark yet, keep in mind that a trademark can be a very valuable asset to the business. A trademark can be a very important step, so you need to think carefully when selecting one. Take your time and do some research as well. Just remember that certain trademarks are so famous that you instantly recognize them and the company it’s associated with. Here are some good tips to help you think of a good trademark.

1. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the beauty of something is in its simplicity. Just because something is simple does not mean it’s no good or that it won’t work. If it’s simple, people can remember it easily. You want people to remember your trademark and immediately think of your company just by seeing it. Look at the Nike Swoosh trademark, for example. A woman by the name of Carolyn Davidson came up with the design in 1971 and charged $35 for her services. Nike now earns billions of dollars. Another example is Google’s home page. There’s virtually nothing on it but white space, but it’s instantly recognizable.

2. Keep It Original

Try being creative and inventive but keep it original. It’s important that a trademark doesn’t already exist. If it does, then your application will be turned down. Even if it wasn’t turned down (but it will be), would you really want something that can so easily be confused with another? You might be sending people to buy things from someone else instead of you! Try to stand out.

3. Think Of The Long Term

Place importance on your trademark and think of it as a long-term thing. Don’t think about changing it in a few years to “something better”. In Canada, trademarks last for 15 years and can be renewed every 15 years after that. In the United States, it’s only for 10 years.

4. Think Global

When thinking of a trademark, don’t just think of Canada. Think globally. If you have ideas of expanding and doing business globally, consider how your trademark will be perceived by the global market. A symbol that works in Canada may be seen as an offensive one in 20 other countries.

5. Use Colours

It’s been shown that certain colours can make people click on something. For example, bright orange and red tend to get more clicks. Consider multiple colours and what each colour means to help design an eye-catching trademark.

Remember that first impressions can be a huge factor. To get help with trademarks, it’s best to contact a lawyer specializing in trademark law. They can help advise you on strengths, weaknesses, uniqueness and other important areas and when it comes time to register it, they will be able to do this and help you through the process as well as give you advice on how to protect it.