5 CRM Methods to Get More Real Estate Contacts

Customer relationship management (CRM) is sort of a big deal in the world of real estate.Taking care of your real estate clientele is the best way to succeed in this industry. By not taking advantage of a CRM, you risk wasting a lot of your resources and time on mundane tasks.

As a way for real estate agents to manage their clients, organize their sales and ensure they offering impeccable customer service, real estate CRM has become very essential. Without a CRM in today’s fast-paced environment, many realtors may be stuck in a rut.But since real estate CRM is the way to boost your profits, you need to ensure you increase your number of contracts. How exactly can your CRM achieve this objective at your office?

Here are five real estate CRM tips to get more contacts:

1. Know the Problems You Want to Solve

We all know technology is great. It makes our lives easier, it boosts our productivity and it gives us the time to catch up on cat videos. That said, even if you adopt the greatest technology in the world, you still need to find out what exactly you’re using it for.

Ditto for real estate CRM. You need to understand the problem you are trying to solve before you adopt this technology. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you can’t maximize the investment, and then you’re regressing and running around in circles.

2. Your CRM is the Hub for Contacts

Let’s be honest: as a real estate agent, you’re leaving your contact information everywhere you go: industry seminars, public bulletin boards and even on the door step of potential prospects.

If you’re leaving about 100 business cards on the street each day, it’s likely that you’ll receive at least one phone call. It is imperative that your CRM maintains your contacts, whether they are new or old. Ultimately, a CRM needs to handle the influx of contacts all the time.

3. Rule of Thumb: Add a New Contact Each Day

Leads, contacts and references. These are all important contacts that every real estate agent should have. Moving forward, your new rule of thumb should be this: add a new contact each day. It doesn’t matter who it is: a buyer or a seller, an industry friend or a marketing expert.

The more contacts the better it is for you.

4. Take the Time to Peruse the Numbers

At the end of your workday, you should take the time to peruse your numbers in your CRM.

These facts and figures could consist of everything from sales numbers to leads to new contacts. By crunching the latest numbers, you can establish a short-term plan and find out ways to give all of your numbers a little shot in the arm. This will help you determine if your current game plan is working.

5. Automation is Your Friend in This Realm

It’s the little things in your daily life that eat up a lot of your time.

For instance, if you receive a new contact, you need to take the time to write an email thanking them for their time, adding their information to your rolodex and maintaining notes. However, if you automate this process then you can save yourself plenty of time to do something else.

Although many may scoff at the notion of automation, you can’t deny its positive effects.

By establishing these tips to your CRM, you can increase your contacts substantially by the end of the year.

As you shop around for a real estate CRM or if you’re looking for an upgrade, you need to keep several things in mind: the CRM has features that your business needs, the CRM should be easy to learn and it must be user-friendly for yourself and your assistant or colleagues.