5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Roofers

Choosing an experienced roofing company takes time. It’s important that you understand the process and carefully make your decision based on comprehensive research. If you’re in the process of having to get roofing work completed on your home, knowing the mistakes others have made will help you save you time and money. In this post, we’ll explore the mistakes homeowners make when choosing roofers.

1. Choosing solely based on referral

When you receive information from a friend about a roofing company in the local marketplace, it might be tempting simply to choose that company. But this can be a significant mistake. While the company might have completed high quality work on your friend’s property, you don’t know if they are able to provide the level of service required for your home. Make sure you look further into the company’s background and consider their experience in the industry. Do they offer the exact level of service you require for your home?

2. Not asking about their license

The roofer you hire for work on your home should have a license to complete the work. If you hire a roofer without a license you may find that you are held liable for any damages they cause to your home. Another issue is that the company won’t backed by insurance companies if they don’t have a license. And this might mean that you simply have no recourse if you don’t like the work they’ve completed, or you experience a leak in your home in the coming months. One of the first things you should do when meeting the roofing team for the first time is ask about their licensing.

3. Not asking for a written estimate

The written estimate provided by the roofing company before the work begins is critical to ensuring value for money over the project. When discussing terms with the roofers, they will provide you with a clear estimate for the cost of the project. You can then come to a final agreement and the project will begin. Without having this written estimate as the foundation to the project, you run the risk of the costs rising significantly. You may find you have to pay hundreds of dollars more than you expected if you don’t have this written estimate.

4. Choosing a company that doesn’t offer warranties

Warranties are crucial to securing your project. If you’re not able to rely on a warranty from the company, you won’t be able ask the company to complete any repair work if you are unsatisfied with the work completed. The warranty should cover the workmanship and the materials used within the roofing project. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty on the materials they use, and so you can rest assured of the return on investment provided.

5. Choosing based solely on price

While you want to receive the best value for money for your roofing service, choosing solely based on price can leave you with a company that offers less than professional services. For example, some companies offer a seemingly affordable rate for the work, but their work doesn’t include a warranty, and their team members are not licensed. This might mean that you save money in the short-term, but you will likely be spending more money on roofing repair work in the years to come. Consider the full value rather than the price of the roofing service on offer.

By reviewing the errors made by others in choosing roofing services, you can save hundreds of dollars over the years ahead. To learn more about this important topic, contact local roofers in your area today.