5 Characteristics of Corner Guards

Corner scrapes, nicks and chips happen a lot. You are likely to bump into corners while wheeling or carrying heavy objects down a hallway. The best way to deal with these annoying accidents is to prevent them by using corner guards.

Corner guards protect edges, corners and walls from damage. They are a simple yet durable solution suitable for both home and commercial applications. They are a small investment that can make a big difference. They eliminate the need to pay for costly repairs especially the replacement of cracked and chipped walls. Apart from preventing major damage, it can protect materials from minor damage such as scrapes or scratches.

Corner guards are used everywhere at restaurants, hospitals, clinics, industries, warehouses, offices and homes. These guards are easy to clean, have a sleek metallic finish, are stainless and offer continuous protection. There are many benefits for using corner guards at home or in your office:

1. Protect walls

Wall corners are often the most damaged areas in your home or office. The common damage includes dents, gouges and peeling paint. Initially, it might just be a slight streak on the corners of your wall. However, continuous damage overtime due to collision can result in structural damage to your wall. Repairing this damage is costly and easily avoided by installing corner guards. These guards offer maximum impact protection to wall corners in various environments.

The corner guard offers an additional barrier to protect corners and keep your wall looking brand new for many years. They can prevent the hideous dents and scuffs. Another advantage is that they can blend well with your home or office décor especially your walls. Some models can be painted to match your home and office colors.

2. Prevent injuries

Corner guards do more than just protect your walls. They protect your property, while ensuring safety. Once in place, you are able to manoeuvre around offices or rooms without worrying about scrapes or banging into sharp corners. Children and pets are safe, while playing or running around wildly. Employees at work do not have to worry about banging into corners, while moving materials and equipment.

3. Reinforce corners

When searching for the right type of corner guards take into consideration your application and budget. Corner guards come in all sizes, thickness and materials that can work within any budget. Metal guards in particular provide the maximum corner strength in high traffic environments such as loading docks, parking garages and manufacturing facilities. They protect from constant cart, machinery and vehicle movements.

4. Prevent damages

Narrow hallways or passages with many turns can make it difficult to navigate a wheelchair or walker without the occasional dent. Common damages occur when entering parking garages or manoeuvering through tight turns within underground parking facilities.

When there is a lot of movement in an office or at home, you are bound to have corner scrapes, nicks and scratches. Moving furniture can also damage walls and vice versa. Corner guards are the best option for prevention. It protects people including the disabled. At the same time, they safeguard your property.

5. Offers superior durability and aesthetics

There is the concern that an additional piece to furniture or the wall will make it look ugly. This is not the case with corner guards as they are stylish and strong. They in fact complement your furniture and can help to keep furniture, equipment and walls intact. Manufacturers and suppliers design corner guards that fit with any décor.

A popular choice is the attractive brush finish that suits the interior and exterior of homes, offices, condominiums, warehouses and restaurants.