5 Business Security Tips for Small Enterprises

If a data breach, security infiltration or computer hack occurs at a corporation, then that large company can absorb the costs, institute new security measures and continue on as normal. If a data breach, security infiltration or computer hack happens at a small business, then that enterprise could potentially close their doors because the costs are too immense.

In today’s environment, where there are various unscrupulous individuals all over the world looking to do harm against private enterprise, small businesses need to invest heavily into their system systems, both online and offline. Otherwise, they could potentially see their reputation take a hit and witness their revenues plummet. Remember, business security systems could also entail brick-and-mortar protections, not just the digital infrastructure.

Indeed, there are a wide array of measures and techniques that can be employed by a startup or a company of just a handful of employees.

Here are five business security systems tips for small enterprises:

1. Cameras Are Essential to Overall Security

Let’s be honest: cameras are one of the biggest deterrents to break-and-enters today. With this in mind, your business should install cameras all over the premises.

How many do you need? Where do you want them? Are they high-quality? These are important questions to ask when you determine your business security systems.

2. Shield Your Computers from Hacks

Criminals won’t just break windows and doors, they will also destroy computers by installing a virus into the computer. This is done so they can access sensitive information, steal confidential data and simply hack your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Moving forward, as you design your security apparatus, you must shield your computers from hacks. This could be by adding a better firewall, using stronger passwords, not falling for online scams and the list goes on.

As long as you protect your computers, you will not be subjected to hacks.

3. Automation & Mobile Security

One of the biggest developments in the world of home security is automation and mobile. You can monitor your front door on your smartphone, you can find out who rang the doorbell and you can adjust various elements of your home remotely.

Should you implement something similar for your business? Absolutely!

Indeed, you won’t need to monitor your store or office when you’re at the workplace, but if you’re at home or you’re on vacation, you certainly want to have some peace of mind.

4. Don’t Leave Too Much Cash Around

Do not attract criminals to your business by leaving cash around. Yes, you should have a small amount of paper money in a safe for emergencies, but a majority of your money should be at the bank. By doing this, you won’t lure in robbers.

5. Paper Shredding is Another Layer of Security

When we think of criminals, we tend to conjure up images of culprits breaking into a store or hacking a computer. But what about dumpster diving? Yep, this is still going on. Paper shredding is one of the best security measures you can employ because you’re protecting a wide array of aspects of your business. Everything from your clients to your staff to your finances, document destruction should be embraced by all companies – large or small.

Simply put: grab a heavy-duty paper shredder or hire a paper shredding company and destroy what you don’t need anymore, whether it is old employment contracts or 10-year-old receipts.

Crime, including burglaries and robberies, continue to come down. That said, you don’t want to be a victim, and the best way to avoid being a victim, is to defend yourself in advance: security cameras, locks, anti-virus software, strong passwords and the list goes on.

There is so much you can do right now that will provide you with reassurance that everything will be fine in the end. In other words, when you lock the door and leave the office for the day, your business will be safe thanks to your business security systems.