5 Benefits of Looking Up Your VIN Number

Looking up a vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) kind of puts you in the ‘driver’s seat’ when you’re thinking of purchasing a used car. Though you can gather some good information by doing a year make model (YMM) search, nothing compares to a VIN look up for accuracy and authenticity. It takes out a lot of the guesswork compared to a YMM search. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of looking up a VIN.

1. Greater Proof Of YMM

A VIN offers in-depth details which include the model, the make and the year. All this information is necessary because an insurer must know for a fact whether they are insuring the right car or not. In fact, a lot of the time, only when the insurer receives the VIN will they provide you with a quote. This allows insurance companies to verify claims. A VIN is registered to only one driver at a time. It also helps identify features and specs. Insurance companies cannot rely solely on a consumer’s verbal description.

2. Complete History Of The Vehicle

A VIN will have the complete history of the vehicle throughout its use and is unique to each vehicle. It is a very useful tool that provides knowledge to many people including a dealer, an insurance agent or a customer. Each one of them can benefit by looking up the VIN. People who are looking to buy a car can get information on the previous owner or owners and also find out if it was involved in an accident and all sorts of other relevant information.

3. Identifying Open Recall

By using a YMM search, dealers and customers can be informed about safety recalls by manufacturers. However, it doesn’t really say much about whether there’s been an open recall. With a VIN lookup, however, dealers and customers can know about an open recall of a particular car. If a car has an open recall, it means that it has some kind of problem that has yet to be dealt with. This can end up being a big problem to someone who buys it, especially someone who may not know about looking up the car’s VIN.

4. Less Time-Consuming

It can be very time-consuming using YMM for car dealers to update details of cars since they deal with so many cars from some of the leading manufacturers. It’s so much simpler and easier to do this using the VIN decoder even with the large number of cars that they have to handle. VIN decoding and scanning is super efficient in identifying and updating vehicle details.

5. Removes Guessing Of Specs & Features

Vehicles are getting more complex and it can be difficult to properly identify all the specs and features of a specific vehicle. By using a VIN decoder, you can tell exactly what’s encoded in that particular vehicle’s VIN. You can also tell what other equipment is installed and other pertinent information.

As you can see, both YMM and VIN searches are useful tools, but for complete accuracy, VIN lookup can’t be beat. Those who run a dealership know how critical this tool is when it comes to vehicle VIN checks.