4 Ways to Renovate Your Office Flooring

If you’re looking to bring a new energy to your office then ditching the carpet is an excellent first move. Carpet is unsanitary, unsightly and simply unnecessary. When you choose to invest in hardwood flooring, you’re also choosing to reap the benefits of eliminating carpet. Here are a few reasons why you should consider fitting a wood floor.

1. Wood Flooring Accommodates Many Types Of Decors

Hardwood flooring easily helps any space look more professional and inviting. Wood flooring can transform a cold, boring office into an elegant and warm workspace. Tiles, carpets, and linoleum are quick to go out of style, but wood flooring is something that’s still exciting to see.

Hardwood floors come in many different shades and pattern options. Depending on what type of finish and design you go for, you can significantly influence the vibe inside your office. Dark hardwood floors are excellent for luxury offices or even restaurants, and a classic light wood design works great in small offices.

Wood floors also have the ability to be refinished if you decide you want a new look. Instead of getting new flooring, a refinish is an excellent way to drastically change the look of your office without spending a ton of money.

2. Wood Flooring Is An Investment In Your Property

Hardwood flooring is definitely a strong selling point that influences your ability to sell or rent your space after you’re done using it. The many benefits of wood flooring increase the value of your office and make it much easier to sell on the real estate market.

Most people acquiring a new building or home plan on replacing the carpets anyway. No one wants to deal with a stranger’s old carpet; there’s no telling what kind of dirt, allergens, and stains the previous owner left. By putting hardwood floors in your place, you’re actually helping the next buyer save time and money.

3. Good For The Environment

Although it may seem like wood flooring contributes to deforestation, it’s actually an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint. Most hardwood floors are made from bamboo and other materials that grow back extremely fast. It’s easy to find a company that specializes in making their flooring from recycled or reclaimed sources.

4. Wood Is Easy To Clean & High Quality

One of the major drawbacks about carpet is how much dust and bacteria get trapped in the fibers over time. Carpeted environments have more allergens in the air, and they require more maintenance than hard wood floors. You’ll notice that people are less likely to suffer from allergy symptoms in your office when you have wood flooring.

Wood floors are also pretty much immune to unsightly stains. They are also much better for rainy days when people are bringing in all types of water and mud on their shoes. Simply wiping up the mess is much more hygienic than letting all the bacteria and allergens from outside soak into the carpet.

Wood flooring is also known for its ability to maintain its physical quality for a long time. Unlike carpets, they won’t fade and turn an ugly color. Unless you scratch your floor, you can expect the wood to look pretty much new for a long time.

All in all, hard wood floors have clear advantages over other types of flooring. The price you’ll pay for installation pales in comparison to the benefits you get. Wood flooring helps your workplace look more inviting, keeps it cleaner and adds value to your property.