4 Unique Ways to Build Your Brand with Wine Boxes

You’ve been invited to a dinner party and you are all set to go, but then you remember that you don’t have a gift for the host. What should you do? You can’t turn up empty handed so you do what anyone in your situation would do… you pick up a bottle of wine on the way.

Now, we all know that all wine is not created equal. For this reason, choosing a bottle of wine to give as a gift can be very tricky. You’re going to want something that isn’t too cheap, but also doesn’t break the bank. As you peruse the bottles of wine that are available which one stands out, it is the one with the nice label, the one with the fancy shaped bottle, or wait, what’s this? Wine in a wooden box?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider package your wine into a wooden box.

1. All wine comes in bottles, add something extra

By having your wine in a wooden box that has been custom designed you are elevating your brand to new heights. Wine is a drink that has been drunk for centuries and is as much an art form as any other. So, the question is begging to be asked, if your wine is so good, why settle for a flimsy paper label. Your brand could become known as an artisan wine that comes complete with a rustic looking wooden box. No other wine will be able to compete with yours on the shelf.

2. Give your customers something to remember you by

Having tried a wine once at a friend’s house it can be very easy to forget the name of the bottle that you liked as it fades into the common obscurity of the many similar names out there. However, if someone mentions that the wine came in a wooden box right off the shelf, you’re not going to need to even see the box to recognize it in the store the next time you see it. That will be the wine your customer remember talking about and more importantly the one they pick up and continue to spread the word about.

3. Give your seasonal promotions a boost!

The holidays are a big time for the sale of any alcohol, wine is no different. Many wine companies will often seek to increase their sales through any means necessary, for this reason, it is very important that you don’t allow your brand to fade into the background. Nothing says limited edition for a bottle of wine like a branded wood wine box.

With this small change to your in-store presence, you can enjoy a booming holiday sales period. This can work for any promotion at any time of the year too. You don’t need to limit yourself to one time a year either. The best part is that once your customers have tried your wine, there will be no going back for them.

4. Give your customers the premium experience that they deserve

You love your customers, and they love you. So why not reward them with something a little special. As they go to pick up their favourite bottle of wine for the weekend, when they find it in a wooden box they will know that they backed the right horse all this time. The wine that they chose to drink all this time has levelled up to become a premium wine that only the most inspired connoisseur would offer their patronage.