4 Tips to Boost Business with Point of Purchase Displays

For a business, it is obviously beneficial when a customer attends the checkout counter with one or more items they are about to purchase but it is even better when they get to the cashier, see another item they need, and adds it to the others to be purchased. This is the reason why point of purchase displays are utilized by a large majority of stores.

The main goal of these displays is to catch the attention of a customer about to check out and entice them to buy the item displayed on impulse. They are extremely effective and there are many reasons why a store should have them.

1. Increase sales

Point of purchase displays are extremely popular because of their capabilities to increase sales. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people will make an unplanned purchase when seeing a point of purchase display and most brands that have products included in a display notice an eventual 33% increase in sales.

According to a study by the Point of Purchase Association International, 82% of buying decisions are made in-store. Therefore, it is important that a business draws attention to their products and a point of purchase display provides a great method to do so. These types of displays grab the attention of customers especially when they are waiting in a line to pay for their items and are known to entice people to buy items not on their shopping lists.

2. Versatile

Point of purchase displays are versatile and can work with any setup a business has adopted. Modern digital technology allows printing companies to quickly and efficiently produce displays based on sizes, colours, and designs specified by the business. As a result, businesses can exhibit displays based on their colour scheme, space available, and products they are trying to sell. Point of purchase displays are usually manufactured from corrugated cardboard.

This allows businesses the flexibility to easily assemble a display, disassemble it and fold it up for easy storage, or recycle it if it is no longer needed or relevant. They are light in weight allowing for employees to move or shift them if needed.

3. Visually appealing

As mentioned, point of purchase displays can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and colour schemes based on the needs of the business. For instance, if a business wants to attract a lot of attention to a specific product, bright colours are known to achieve this and therefore a display can be fashioned in tones that will be noticed by customers. Displays can be printed with a company logo and image along with some information or literature enclosed, allowing it to look professional and grab the attention of a potential customer.

To add even more appeal to point of sales displays, businesses can add clips and bins that hold products that complement the item on the display. This provides an overall theme to the display and an opportunity for customers to purchase even more items that will in turn increase sales.  

4. Highlights information

Point of purchase displays have proven to be an effective method in drawing attention to products that are on sale or discounted.  Labels consisting of discounts, sales, or promotions can easily be added to the display to draw attention to the product and can be removed when needed.

If a business sells items such as over-the-counter-medications or products that contains elements that people may be allergic to, it is important to raise awareness and inform customers of potential risks of using an item. Point of purchase displays can assist in providing people with additional information about products and allow them the opportunity to make better informed decisions.