4 Simple Tips to Help You Find the Right Lawyer

At some point in our lives, we may need the services of a personal injury lawyer. It could be because of a personal injury, a claim that has been denied, a problem at your place of employment or because of a car accident. It can be a daunting task to find the right lawyer. It is always helpful to hire a lawyer who specializes in the very thing that you need them for. Some lawyers are experts in personal injury while others may be wise in the ways of employment law. In order to find the right lawyer for your particular situation, here are some helpful tips.

1. Recommendations & Referrals

One really simple way that you can trust is to get recommendations and referrals from friends and family, neighbours, acquaintances or even real estate agents. Someone may have heard about (or used) a lawyer or law firm in the past and they may have been very happy with the services and the outcome. Word of mouth is a great and powerful way to do such things. Someone may give glowing references or someone may warn you to stay clear of a particular company. Either way, that is very helpful information. An online search from past clients can also be helpful, since many people leave testimonials or reviews.

2. Honest & Trustworthy

Remember that many good law firms will offer a free consultation. During this meeting, you can get a sense or gut feeling about the lawyer. You may get the feeling that lawyer is honest and trustworthy and you may get an overall ‘good’ feeling about the lawyer. Trust your instinct. When you go for the consultation, look for whether the lawyer is detail-oriented, confident and well-spoken. Again, trust your instincts; if there is some kind of personality clash, or if you get that ‘feeling’ that something isn’t right, just move on.

3. Affordability

While you may want to get the best lawyer to give you the best chance, you also need to be practical. Hire a lawyer that you can afford. Remember, you may need to consult with several lawyers, not just one. Ask about their fees or fee structure. How often can they meet with you? Now is the time to get all this information. If cost is a big factor, try to find the right balance so that the lawyer is affordable and compassionate.

4. Experience

This is an important factor. You need to find a good, experienced lawyer, but one whose experience is to do with whatever your issue is. For a slip and fall, you need a lawyer experienced in this; for suing someone as a result of a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer and so on. This is crucial for your success, so make sure you get this right. Remember, you have either researched (or are going to) the lawyer, so you will know if they have a great track record.

A word of warning though; do not hire a lawyer who is a relative or a friend. Though it can seem very tempting, if possible, refrain from doing so. There may be a conflict of interest and it could also end up being more casual and non-professional. This is not something you want. Besides, your friend or family member may not be experienced with your issue.