4 Reasons to Start Destroying Your Business Documents

In the business world, there will be many documents containing sensitive data. There will come a time that a business will no longer need to hold on to these documents. These documents may hold information of clients names, birthdates, financial information including credit card numbers as well as other personal information. Instead of keeping these records which are no longer relevant, destroying them properly will prevent a data breach and also clear up space. Here are the most important reasons for document destruction.

1. Identity Theft

This is probably the most important reason for document destruction. Many times, it’s actually in an office that identity theft occurs. Employees have the opportunity to access documents and steal someone’s information. Imagine getting hold of bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and tax statements. A lot of damage can be done to the victim. Destroying this information in the proper way will help to prevent such occurrences.

2. Legal Requirements

The law requires that client information should be kept safe and secure. There are also laws for companies to comply with when it comes to the destruction of sensitive documents in a proper fashion. Failure to do so will have legal implications for the company. When document destruction is done properly, the company will have no worries and it protects clients as well as employees.

3. Saving Space

All offices have paperwork which they will put away in files or boxes. When these documents are no longer needed, the best thing to do is to get rid of it properly. This frees up space for the office. A paper-shredding company can come by periodically (or you could call them) and destroy these documents and recycle it for you. You don’t have a security worry, it’s recycled and you’re doing your part for the environment. With the new free space, you can store other important items or move things around and give your photocopier a new place to sit.

4. Save Time, Save Money

If you have employees undertake the shredding, they need to stop what they’re doing to do this. Removing paper clips and staples painstakingly is a waste of time when employees could be doing something more business-related. Having a shredding service take care of this in a precise way saves time and money. Documents cannot be pieced together, everything is safe and secure and the business doesn’t incur any penalties.

Having a company take care of this for you from time to time is the smart way to go. Shredding is done securely and you will be offered a certificate to show that documents have been destroyed in a proper fashion. Instead of stressing over this, why not let the professionals handle it for you?