4 Qualities to Excel in Sales Jobs

Selling products or services to others is not always an easy job. It takes a special type of person to approach others and offer them merchandise without coming across as the “sleazy salesperson”.

Many job seekers apply for sales positions, but only a few succeed in this highly demanding field. Successful sales people have specific characteristics that are needed to be effective in this industry.

1. Personality

Top sales agents have great personalities. They are optimistic and can easily identify with their customers. Professional sellers know how to develop a rapport with their clients and continue to stay in touch after the transaction is complete. They listen to every person and try to understand the client’s feelings or needs. Selling people should be naturally friendly and trustworthy. They are not selfish, manipulative, or pushy.

The best sellers are upbeat and enthusiastic. They have a natural friendly and positive personality that automatically draws others to them. The prime associates are not fast talkers who only think of themselves and their needs. They are genuine, not fake.

2. Attitude

Great sales people are naturally driven and are always striving to achieve their goals. They are very competitive and want to win. However, they do not have a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude. They do not achieve their success by sacrificing other’s needs. Rather, they accept responsibility for their actions whether they are good or bad. They are accountable for their mistakes and are willing to learn from them. Great sellers are always looking at others for inspiration to become better and do not take success for granted.

Top staff are persistent and driven to get the job done right. The best staff never play the blame game, or come up with excuses. They take responsibility for everything they do and learn from every transaction.

3. Hard Work

Top selling staff are hard workers. They are fully committed to doing their job right. Top associates possess many leadership qualities that are demonstrated every day. Hard working staff continually set goals and push themselves to achieve their goals.

The best agents have a natural passion for their job and set high goals. They always ask high value questions and work hard to find the right answer. They can think outside the box to find solutions, rather than accept defeat.

The best personnel do not pass their work onto someone else, slack off during the day, arrive late, or miss a lot of time. Instead, they are committed to their job and company. They take the work seriously and put 110% effort in every task, assignment or contract they have. They shoe initiative and do not need to be continually told what to do.

4. Creativity

The best of the best is not afraid to think outside of the box, or do what is needed to complete their tasks. Bosses know the person is reliable and does not have to continually supervise their A-listers.

Sales has a high turnover rate, regardless of the type of service or industry you are in, which is why sales recruiters are essential and helpful to use. Many people enter the field believing that they can earn a high income in this career choice. But only a small percentage succeed.  To be a superior sales agent, you must have certain personality traits and characteristics to successfully get the job done.

It can be hard to find the right staff for a selling position. Many companies spend far too much time, money, and resources on hiring a training their sales agents. Rather than waste this effort only to continually feed the high turnover rate, hire an employment agency that specializes in attracting and training top quality sellers.