4 Guidelines to Recruit Your Marketing Talent

Most big companies perform all human resource duties in-house. That is, they hire employees to manage the job posting and filling process, to do training and onboarding, and to perform administrative tasks like benefits management. What if there were a better way? This is where professional recruiters come in. Marketing recruiters specifically will find great candidates for your hardest-to-fill marketing roles, saving your existing employees from the stress and hassle of this process. What’s not to love?

1. Some Roles Are Hard to Fill

Let’s face it: Some positions are just harder to fill than others. You know that one vacancy that’s been sitting open for months, and you just can’t get any candidates through the door? This is the type of role you should pass to a professional marketing recruiter. Maybe the role is in senior leadership, or just requires a very specific set of skills. Regardless, marketing recruiters can help your company fill these tricky roles so that employees can focus on other aspects of their jobs.

2. Find Great Talent

Marketing recruiters specialize in finding the right person for the job. Since they can tap into both the passive and active job-seeker market, using marketing recruiters will drastically improve the quality of each and every hire. You should only pay recruiters for talent that you wouldn’t have been able to find on your own. Since some of the best candidates want to work with recruiters, these agencies will have a leg up with deep networks of potential hires. When using the same recruitment agency on multiple occasions, the entire process will be quicker since they already know your business.

3. Gain Efficiency

Working with recruiters also pays dividends in the form of increased efficiency. Your marketing recruiters will provide a bundle of candidates so you can deal with them all at once. Usually, a representative from the agency will be available to negotiate salary on our behalf. Marketing recruiters can also schedule interviews, all you have to do is show up. Finally, these agencies also have the capability to hire contract and short-term roles on very short notice. These efficiencies save the company money in the long term—money that can be spent smartly in other areas of the company.

4. Spend Time on What Matters Most

With your recruiting needs looked after by professional marketing recruiters, your company’s employees can spend time on tasks that better contribute to the bottom line. The time savings gleaned by using recruitment firms is huge. You won’t need to spend as much time screening applicants, and won’t need to interview as many people. Since all candidates come pre-vetted from the recruiting agency, you can spend less time finding flaws and more time finding the right fit.

Most companies wonder if marketing recruiters will be a good choice for their business. For their expertise in filling tough openings, finding exceptional talent, gaining time and efficiency, marketing recruiters are an investment that pays for itself. Save your company’s time, money, and work on the things that really matter.