4 Guidelines of Working With A Coffee Delivery Company

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages consumed today. Most people opt for coffee delivery to their office due to the convenience the service provides and the variety that it offers. There are many coffee companies currently with each offering a variety of roasts and blends to their customers.

This means picking a suitable supplier can be overwhelming. Below are some factors you might want to consider when shopping for the ideal coffee company to deliver to your office.

1. Quality

While this may seem rather obvious, a gourmet coffee delivery service must provide you with quality coffee. Consider the quality offered by every potential supplier on your list. Look at reviews online from past and current clients of the company you are considering. You can trust that these reviews will be truthful. Hire a coffee delivery company of your choosing on a trial basis for approximately 1 to 2 months.

Do not sign a contract for longer than this as it will give you the opportunity to see if their products are liked by your staff. If they like it, extend the contract. If the quality does not live up to expectations, obviously not extending the contract would be in your best interests.

2. Coffee varieties

Before hiring a coffee company for your office, take inventory of what staff members like. Ask to see a menu of products offered by the company to make sure they can meet your needs and do not hesitate to ask for coffee samples. Most suppliers are happy to send samples to potential customers. Your staff will more than likely have diverse tastes and you want to make sure that you provide a product for everyone.

It is crucial that the coffee company can accommodate this need and offer a menu of coffees, teas, and other hot drinks to satisfy everyone. Coffee companies are experts who are up to date on trends and popular products. Do not be afraid to ask them for advice regarding how to make your menu diverse and encompass many popular items on the market.

3. Supplier flexibility

When looking to hire a coffee delivery company, you want them to be able to respond to your needs as these may change over time. For example, if you or your staff end up disliking a particular coffee, then a coffee delivery company that values your business should be able to resolve the issue, for example by offering an alternative that may be more popular. Sometimes coffee varieties change with new products entering the market or not being as readily available.

A coffee delivery company should keep you well-informed about new products they can offer you or coffee brands that they are experiencing difficulties receiving or keeping in stock. The coffee delivery company that you should hire should also be flexible regarding schedule, able to deliver at a time that works for your schedule and if their services are not required on a given day, you should be able to cancel with sufficient notice.

4. Additional services

In an effort to get the most for your money, it is always advisable that you inquire about the additional services that coffee delivery companies provide to their customers. For instance, some coffee suppliers offer ongoing support and advice regarding how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Although they are usually included in the overall price, some coffee companies may offer cream, milk, and sugar to add to your coffee for free if you sign a contract with the company. Companies may also offer treats such as cookies and cakes to go with your coffee as well, ensuring you get the energy required to get through your workday.