4 Emergency Situations That Require a Cleaning Service

Unexpected disasters can have a severe impact on the health and safety of a building. This is especially true for owners that attempt to clean the mess on them without professional help. Common emergencies that require a restoration service to help clean the building include: flooding, ice storms, fires, water damage, leaks, strong odours and vandalism that may be dangerous if not properly handled.

In this blog post, we will outline some the most common emergency events that impact a company and how a restoration service will be able to help.

1. Flooding

A common situation that impacts a building is flooding. Although this issue is common, it can result in a number of health and safety risks to which is why the mess should be handled by professionals. A building that experienced flooding will need to have the water quickly removed to prevent it from pooling and impacting other areas of the property.

Given how quickly the water will need to be cleaned, a professional cleaning service should be contacted because of their skilled ability to quickly handle the mess. Failing to have the area cleared by a team of professionals can result in more damage if the proper tools, equipment and protocol is not followed and water seeps into other areas.

Once any standing water has been cleared the team will then monitor the area by documenting the drying process to ensure every area was treated.

2. Fire Damage

The damage caused by a fire can have a serious impact on the interior and exited of a building. Given how extensive the damage can be its critical for owners to seek the help of a trained restoration team that can handle the mess and ensure nothing was overlooked. Properties that were impacted by a fire are usually affected by smoke damage, water and flooding if firefighters were needed to stop the blaze.

Attempting to handle such an extensive clean-up without professional equipment or experience can result in lengthy delays and errors if correct protocol is not followed. Thus, to properly tackle these issues a restoration company should be used given their experience and training with similar situations. Restoration companies will be able to deep-clean the home by removing the odour, ash and water from every surface that was impacted in the home. In turn, helping owners get their property back to normal quicker and more efficiently than on their own.

3. Odour Control

Properties that suffer from severe odours such as: smoke, sewage, mold, mildew, food, pets and cigarettes can be difficult to remove without professional help. These odours can also be dangerous and expose people to harmful toxins if they are breathing in the air. To prevent this issue from worsening owners will need to hire a professional restoration company that is able to identify, clean and eliminate the smell.

The service will begin this process by expertly examining the interior and exterior of the property to spot the source of the odour. Once identified, the team of professionals will remove it by applying industrial strength cleaners, effective equipment and skilled techniques that will eliminate the smell and prevent it from re-occurring in the future.

4. Surface Discoloration

There are a number of surfaces in a property that can be impacted by discoloration and cause an unsightly mess and dangerous conditions. Common causes of discoloration include: soot from fires, debris, ash, mold and mildew that can alter the appearance of materials in a home. These issues can be difficult to identify and clean which is why professional restorers should be called to handle the task.