4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Document Shredding

Document shredding is one of the biggest issues facing many companies. Not only is it a time suck, but it’s also a sensitive task that determines how well you’re able to protect confidential information coming out of your company. Data destruction is a process that needs to be handled carefully to avoid any liability problems with your government.

Many businesses opt to use a professional document shredding company to help them stay compliant and protect their sensitive information. This blog post looks at different reasons why you should consider outsourcing your shredding.

1. Shredding Services Save Your Company Time & Money

Handling shredding in-house is an inefficient use of your resources. Walking to and from the shredder, and destroying giant documents one page at a time eats away at your staff’s time. Not only is having a shredder a time suck, but you also need to make an initial investment in the shredding machine. On top of that, you need to buy bags for the shredder, perform regular maintenance on the machine in addition to paying the extra electricity costs from your shredder.

2. Hiring A Shredding Service Contributes to Protecting The Environment

Currently, paper alone is responsible for about 25% of the waste in landfills. This is an unnecessary use of landfill space since paper is such a reusable item. Businesses are often the biggest culprits of unnecessary paper waste. It’s estimated that offices in the United States use a total of approximately 12 trillion sheets each year.

Hiring a shredding service to handle your excess paper is an excellent way to do your part for the environment. Your shredded documents are quickly converted into newspapers, paper towels, and other environmentally friendly products.

3. Shredding Ensures Your Company Stays Compliant

Violating the regulations surrounding privacy and the destruction of sensitive information can cause your company years of headaches. Even if you get your staff to shred their documents in-house, simply shredding isn’t enough to ensure your sensitive information safe. People still dumpster dive for information and can easily repurpose information from shredded documents. When you hire a shredding company, they take the time to mix your shredding with bits from an entirely different company.

Mixing shredding is essential for maximizing privacy and permanently disposing of confidential information. When you do your own shredding in-house, you still need to worry about how the shredded bits are handled afterward. Outsourcing the work to a professional shredding company takes the burden of destroying sensitive information off of your shoulders.

4. Shredding Ensures Your Data Is Handled Properly

Data breaches occur any time confidential information is copied, viewed, transmitted or stolen from your company. Cybercrime and data breaches cause energy companies an average of $12.8 million each year in damages and lost business. Depending on your industry, there may be governing bodies who hold you responsible for protecting your employee’s and client’s sensitive information.

Data breaches also have a negative effect on your company’s reputation. Even if nothing severe happens, having your brand associated with lackadaisical security is damaging. Hiring a paper shredding company is the best way to ensure the permanent destruction of sensitive information from your company.

If you own company where sensitive information can make or break your company, it’s best to leave everything up to a professional. Shredding companies train their employees specifically in handling and destroying sensitive information. Your team members have enough on their plate without having to worry about how their shredding practices may affect the company. Hiring a professional shredding company is also an excellent way to ensure extra paper from your office is properly recycled and repurposed.