3 Business Tasks That Can Be Automated With CRM Software

A CRM is an essential tool for real estate agents to have. That’s because, the system can be used to help manage your database more efficiently than ever before. These systems make tasks such as sending out mass emails, scheduling follow-ups, generating leads, and organizing contacts simple.

For this reason, if you’re a real estate agent, and are currently struggling to stay organized, continue reading the below blog post. We’ve outlined 3 business tasks that can be easily automated by real estate CRM software.

1. Mass Emails

As a real estate agent, you will likely need to send out mass emails to clients, colleagues, or leads. But, having to prepare and send these emails out on your own can be a tedious ordeal. That’s because, you will likely have to spend a great deal of time writing the email to be sent. Once written you then have to attach every contact that you want on the thread. Further, this can become more difficult if your contact list is not organized or saved to multiple platforms.

When you use the help of a real estate CRM this tack doesn’t have to difficult. That’s because a real estate CRM can be used to help you send mass emails quickly. The software system will do this by allowing you to choose a pre-written email template, and to attach multiple contact lists to the thread. Once selected, all that you will need to do is simply schedule a time for it to be sent. Ultimately, eliminating the need for you to waste valuable time writing, organizing and scheduling a single email.

2. Scheduled Follow-Ups

Having to schedule follow-ups can be difficult as a real estate agent. That’s because, many agents struggle to keep organized while maintaining their database. However, failing to maintain your database can lead to lost connections, forgotten clients, and missed leads. Rather than let this happen to you, it is best to use the help of a real estate CRM.

A CRM will be able to handle all of the scheduling, reminders, and following-up for you. Having a system designed to do this for you can help to minimize the chances that you will forget to follow-up someone. The system can minimize the chances of forgetting because the it will be able to automatically schedule follow-up messages for you. This means, you can set automated responses to reply to individuals, or have the system do it on your behalf. Ultimately, saving you more time and energy having to follow-up with your database.

3. Lead Generation

When you have a new lead come in, you must be sure to continuously follow up with them. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing their interest and them turning elsewhere for help. For this reason, using a real estate CRM is vital. That’s because, a real estate CRM can be programmed to help generate, organize, and capture leads as they come in. The system will be able to do this by automatically filtering in new contact and assigning them to a campaign.

Once assigned to the campaign, the lead will begin to receive pre-written emails and information. Once the individual responds, these automated messages will stop so you can get in touch. Seeing as these emails will be pre-written and automatically sent, you won’t have to worry about following up with leads or losing track of their information. Rather, you can rest assure that every lead coming in will be nurtured until they are converted into clients.